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Website design and development, cookbook design and event print collateral

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It’s been such a pleasure collaborating with the women behind Fund Her to quickly get the word out about this important Political Action Committee working to close the gender gap in the California State Legislature. We started by building a scalable website that we will continue to expand as their fundraising efforts grow. As we built out the site we established a consistent brand that was carried through in their social media outreach and event planning. We also continue to provide print collateral for planned events.

The Client

Women comprise only 22% of the California state legislature, Fund Her is here to change that. Founded in 2017, Fund Her is the only PAC dedicated to closing the gender gap in California politics by 2028. Working alongside organizations that focus on training (Emerge) and recruiting (Close the Gap), Fund Her provides the missing piece—the financial support to ensure that accomplished progressive women are well-positioned to win.

  • website design and development

  • event materials

  • social media support

Website strategy, design and development

Website strategy, design and development

Cookbook Design

Fund Her cookbook

Event Print Collateral


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Fund Her is just getting started with their first fundraising event in November 2017. We are at the ready to continue to assist them with their marketing needs.

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