New Teacher Center

Several years serving as an outsourced marketing team

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Over a several year period we provided a myriad of services to the New Teacher Center including: print design of their 2013, 2014 and 2015 (20+ page) Annual Reports and a large number of brochures and other collateral; design and development of a website forum and repository for teachers and mentors to engage in a private community; extensive development and redesign on their main marketing website; icon sets development; and dynamic animated presentations.

The Client

New Teacher Center’s goal is to ensure that every student in American has the opportunity to learn from a great teacher–and that every teacher works in a school environment conducive to teaching and learning. Their work is making a tremendous difference in keeping more teachers in the profession and helping them improve student achievement.

  • website design, strategy and development

  • print collateral

  • annual reports

  • presentations

  • campaign strategy and research

Annual Reports

New Teacher Center 2014-15 Annual Report

Sample Brochure

New Teacher Center Brochure

Oral Language Development Community Website

screenshot of New Teacher Center Oral Language Development website

Animated Presentation Sample Slides

Sample slides from New Teacher Center animated slideshow presentation

Web Design and Strategy – Main Website

Icon Development


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We had a long and successful collaboration with the New Teacher Center, providing them with very well received Annual Reports and collateral, engaging closely to strategize the best use of the web and serving as an outsourced marketing support for their Director of Marketing. Working with several different departments at NTC throughout the years, we designed and maintained an elegant brand to best reflect their quality work in the education community.

Other campaigns

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