PERL Network

Web design, cards and social media strategy

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To date, we have developed a website, social media strategy and print collateral for PERL network. We began by first suggesting a simple graphic representation on the website, to easily describe the project, with the ability to expand to more detailed content. This work will be built upon as the project grows.

The Client

With our world facing dire climate circumstances, PERL Network provides real world solutions, starting with building infrastructure and access in Fiji, for climate scientists to conduct multi-disciplinary research and conservation planning. They are in the beginning phases of developing a system of regional field stations, housed at compatible eco-tourist resorts, to facilitate coral reef research.

  • website design and development

  • business cards

  • website and social media strategy

Website strategy, design and development



graphic of a bodhi leaf icon

We are excited to begin a collaboration with PERL Network as they build the infrastructure to provide research and conservation access to climate scientists in Fiji. They are now in the funding phase and the website and social media strategy are important communication tools for them. We look forward to continuing to develop their website and provide graphic services as the project grows.

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