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We provide all the graphic and technology services your organization will need to reach your audience. This includes websites, branding, print collateral, annual reports, social media campaigns, video, presentations, and deep strategy to help you determine your outreach needs. We can work on your single project or serve as your affordable, outsourced marketing collateral team.

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Featured Client

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We have worked with Maureen Witkowski Wilmot both currently at the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) and previously at the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF). Through the years, we have developed a deep understanding of how to help her accomplish her goals and function together as a highly productive team. The Center for Plant Conservation is working diligently to ensure stewardship of imperiled native plants with the ultimate goal of securing these plants from extinction. OFRF grants funding to advanced scientific knowledge and improved the practices, ecological sustainability and economic prosperity of organic farming. Both these organizations are exactly the kind of project we seek to support. We are proud of our work with Maureen and both CPC and OFRF. Our team has had a measurable impact with these important causes.

I’ve worked with Amie and JP at two different organizations now and they always provide me with exceptional attention, great strategic ideas and high quality services.”

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Maureen Witkowski Wilmot

We look for the right fit with our clients. We want to fall in love with their mission and then do everything in our power to help them meet their goals.”

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Who We Are

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Forest Design offers a deep understanding and implementation of how to employ the best tools, both on-line and print, for your project.  Amie Forest and JP Hayes been closely collaborating on projects since 2008. We pair up to provide all the services your organization will need to implement various types of campaigns, including capital campaigns and broader projects. We build the toolkit you need to carry out your mission.

This can include:

  • website development (or updating and modernizing current website)
  • print collateral – including annual reports, print newsletters, posters, and banner design for events
  • branding and style guides
  • digital newsletters – strategy, development, design and on-going creation
  • social media strategy and communication calendars
  • custom intranets to manage volunteers and resources
  • illustration
  • video editing
  • consulting on a wide variety of technology platforms and software

We strategize with all of our clients but the one thing we don’t provide is the initial overall strategy for a campaign. We find we work best when this initial strategy has been developed, either internally or with strategy consultants, and needs to be implemented. We like to use the analogy of being brought on as the general contractor after the architect has designed the house and provided plans. We do serve as a sounding board on this strategy though, and can often make suggestions on how your goals can be met.

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